Initiatives I have been involved

  • Involved in early 5G innovation 

  • Designed and build first 3G trials in Europe

  • Involved in the launch of the first 3G network in UK

  • Feasibility studies for IoT ecosystem

  • Led the launch of the first High Speed Data trial network in UK

  • Delivered Small cells and densification strategies

  • Involved in technical due diligence for various M&As

  • Led Handsets Universal charger activities

  • Led connected devices ecosystem

  • Involved in sustainability strategy for connected devices

  • Developed customer experience monitoring data strategies

  • 10 international patents in mobile technologies

  • Led multiple diverse teams


Technologies I can support you

  • 5G technologies

  • 4G technologies

  • 3G technologies

  • Spectrum and frequency management

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Sensors 

  • Artificial Intelligence and predicted algorithms

  • Mobile protocols design 


Areas I can help you

  • Technology feasibility

  • Proposal for technical innovation funding review and audit

  • Proposal writing

  • Roadmap development

  • Technology Strategic planning

  • Technology Strategic investment

  • Technology Strategic development

  • Innovation development

  • Draft patent scripting

  • Product rationalisation

  • Product strategy

  • Customer experience strategies


  • Develop or review your technology strategy

  • Simplify your technical messages so your customers can listen

  • Review a technology investment proposal

  • Write your feasibility feasibility study

  • Develop or review your technology roadmap

  • Develop a product roadmap

  • Evaluate mobile technologies or spectrum strategies

  • Technical due diligence for M&A

  • Turn around strategy for your products marketing 

How I can help you

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